Consulting Areas

Sales Management

Building a high performing sales and marketing platform for business growth tackling the challenges that every sales organization faces from sales people skills, sale management skills, cadence, responding the market changes and delivering on the market potential in the existence of the increasing competition is an end to end service that Reyada delivers with its market leading partner PDAGroup.

Marketing Management

In the new digital world, customers don't look for you anymore, rather, they wait till you find them. Reyada's professionals assess your marketing strategies, digital presence, KPIs, and align them with your sales processes to meet the right customer in the right time and on the right platform.

Project Management

Whether it is a workshop, training, coaching, or program management, Reyada’s PMP consultants will make sure to put the methodology in place for their clients to manage their projects successfully and efficiently.

Financial Management

Improving firm’s performance by growing the financial capacity is a common practice nowadays and is the solution for many companies especially in the growth phases that could be launching new product, entering new markets, pursuing bigger projects and/or planning for merges and acquisitions.

Delivery Models

Planning & execution supervision

Reyada's experts develop plans based on the market best practices to target specific issues in the organizations' performance, taking into consideration the maturity level, people skills, priorities, and time-frames of the other initiatives. Execution supervision helps the organizations’ management to keep the momentum of the improvement and stay on the right track.

Management Coaching

Our consultants' fresh eyes can spot issues or lack in the approaches of the organizations' management team that may affect their performance. Therefore, coaching management teams to the best practices in improving performance is always a shortcut to quick wins on the short term and sustainable improvement on the long term.

Workshops & training

Facilitating workshops and running training with a great focus on the hands-on and using the real cases faced by the management and the improvement stakeholders are the most successful delivery models adapted by our consultants for the bigger groups, middle management and the need to kick-off new systems quickly.

Digital Transformation

Reyada's IT specialists recommend, select, develop the selection criteria, and/or help to kick start the best-fit Information Technology solutions to boost the performance within the organization with minimal impact on the organizations' resources and faster time to market by selecting the best deployment models. For this aim, Reyada has a partnership with two worldly leading CRM solutions; suitable for all businesses sizes.

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