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Optimize Your Amazon Seller Account

Get consulting insight to boost the performance of your Amazon seller's account with experts in the platform and coaching available in Arabic and English. Our services include, but not limited to:

Account Management

Providing best practices in starting your Amazon Seller Account through:

  • Helping in setting up and finalizing all the needed steps for launching your account.
  • Getting approval for your products to be sold.
  • Get your brand registered if needed.

Inventory Management

We will be responsible for managing your listings whether it is merchant fulfilled listing or fulfilled by Amazon:

  • Tracking inventory to update the out of stock products, suppressed or stranded listings and make sure to control the buy box for all of the products.
  • Adding your products to the relevant categories and inserting all the needed information to be boost the customers' experience.

Account Performance

Seller's account optimization through:
  • Achieving all Amazon metrics and managing inbound performance index to get the minimum FBA fees possible.
  • Fixing issues of forbidden or restricted products to avoid any penalties or fines.

FBA Management

Handel all the related Fulfilled by Amazon related issues:

  • FBA inventory (stranded and suppressed inventory)
  • FBA shipments
  • Creation and labelling
  • FBA order management
  • Track any lost or damaged inventory
  • Optimizing FBA reimbursements
  • Getting the highest value as a compensation for the damaged units.

Manage Case Log and Remove Negative Feedbacks

We will be the link between you and Amazon Support team and execute tasks on your behalf:
  • Submit cases and proceed with any required update from their end.
  • Submit case request to remove any negative feedback if available.

Manage Sponsored Ads, Promotions and Deals

Make sure to reach everyone with the sponsored ads for better sales rate, as well as utilization of all the worthy promotions and deals.

Coaching and Updating

Every day in Amazon is a new day, so we will keep your account updated with all the changes needed to develop your business. Also we provide one to one coaching sessions delivered by experts in the platform and experienced coaches.

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