Sales Process Management Solution

If you are looking for a sales process management solution to control and customize your sales cycle, Reyada can help! Bitrix24 offers 35+ sales tools to help run your business smarter and faster than ever.
Bitrix24 will help you find your future clients, convert them into customers and help you with repeat sales and after sales processes!

What do we offer to enhance your sales Process?

ŸŸ Prospecting and Lead Generation

Bitrix24 comes with a landing page generator, and marketing tools that help you find customers! It generates leads via multiple channels: web forms, live chats, phone calls, or social media, and have them added to your CRM automatically.

Ÿ Lead Management
With the built-in lead scoring tool, you can assign leads automatically and decide which prospects need immediate actions by your sales people with full visibility over the activities taken and scheduled with each lead.
Ÿ Deal Tracking

Bitrix24 takes deal tracking to the next level by separating potential leads from serious deals. The better you can manage clients and client relationships, the more efficiently you will manage your sales process and consequently close more deals.

ŸŸ Customer Support and Repeat Sales

Bitrix24 helps you maintain your customers' satisfaction when selling your products or services and increase the up-selling potentials. With the "Repeat Deals", you can easily offer satisfied customers a new product or service or even send them special offers.

Sales Analytics

Better data leads to better decisions. Using Bitrix24 analytics will optimize your processes and help you make better sales decisions. With customizable CRM reports, you can evaluate sales improvement, agent’s efficiency, conversion rates, sales velocity, and more!

Quotes & Invoices

Quote and invoice forms in Bitrix24 are fully customizable, so you can add your logo, custom fields and re-arrange information as you'd like. Quotes can be converted to invoices with just one click, and invoices can be either printed out and emailed to clients.

Sales Intelligence

Track every marketing channel and automatically calculate ROI from your channels with Bitrix24! Integrations are available with Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and other popular advertising services that help you to know how much it costs to attract new clients and how much income it generates for you.

Sales Pipeline

Set up processes that streamline your customer journey and show professionalism. As part of Bitrix24’s overall sales intelligence technology, the sales pipeline management links together every stage that leads up to a deal, both within your sales team and in other departments.

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