Why Real Estate Companies need a CRM?

Selling in the real estate industry has never been easy even in companies with a sales team of less than 10! Customers with long journeys till buying, property consultants with daily outdoors activities and less time for routine processes and lack of reporting due to the rapid nature of the real estate industry. That endless cycle always cause companies to double the effort of their employees or hire more to cover the gaps, which are never easy choices!
CRMs play joker for such companies and enable them to keep their current sales people with maximizing their results in the smoothest way ever!

We commit on operational excellency, profits maximisation and



Being experienced in the field and because we implement CRMs aiming at boosting sales performance, we focus on the pains we have encountered with our clients in the Real Estate industry and provide our Bitrix24 CRM as it offers solutions for these pains such as:


Sales people need to focus on both; the winning deals and the early potential ones. But, a busy winning sales person will always need a tool to forecast results and help them decide on which to focus on and why.


Upper management always need a fast and efficient way to review their sales teams’ activities, results and KPIs. Bitrix24 allows managers to generate a full report on whatever they need to check in a second with a press of a button.


The most powerful tool for sales people that gives them 360 view of their numbers including leads, deals, targets, commissions, and efficiency. Dashboards aim to keep sales people more motivated than ever to always cope with the business.


Having a chatting, voice and video calling tool that gathers teams through PCs and mobiles and keeping it business focused is a plus that Bitrix24 provides. With a module that works on mobile application, meeting with the entire team has never been easier!

Task Management

Keeping teams' activities on track with a powerful tool that manages daily tasks, projects, reports on efficiency, allows different roles in tasks and provides real time tracking for tasks and subtasks.

Pricing Plans

With a very convenient budget per month, you'll be able to own your CRM Cloud tool.

Standard Plan

Add as many as 50 users

  • 100 GB
  • 10 Sales Pipelines
  • Professional Task & Project Management
  • Document Management
  • Collaboration (Voice and Video Calls)
Professional Plan

Add unlimited number of users

  • 1024 GB
  • Unlimited Pipelines
  • Professional Task & Project Management
  • Document Sharing & Management
  • Collaboration (Voice and Video Calls)

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