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sales and marketing management

Building a high performing sales and marketing platform for business growth tackling the challenges that every sales organization faces including sales people skills, sales management skills, cadence, respond to the market changes and deliver on the market potential in the existence of the increasing competition, is an end to end service that Reyada with its market leading partners PDAGroup and Bitrix24 deliver covering:

- Developing or updating a Go-To-Market strategy.

- Assessing and recommending the digital presence and lead generation.

- Infusing Sales Methodology.

- Prioritizing sales people skills acquisition and training required (account planning, strategic selling, winning plans, committing, cross-selling and up-selling, …etc).

- Enhancing vendors relationships.

- Putting a system for forecasting.

- Aligning the compensation model with the company's objectives.

- Structuring the sales organization.

- Setting up sales reviews.

- Deploying the high performing sales organization best practices on the opportunity management system.

financial management

Improving a firm’s performance by growing the financial capacity is a common practice nowadays. It could be the solution for many companies, especially in the growth phases, such as launching new products, entering new markets, pursuing bigger projects, or planning for merges and acquisitions. The services are spanning:

- Managing financial assets.

- Optimizing cash-flow.

- Planning treasury.

- Facilitating corporate finance.

- Setting financial measures objectives.

- Integrating with banking products and facilities.

project management

Whether it is a workshop, training, coaching, or program management, Reyada’s PMP consultants will make sure to put the methodology in place for their clients to manage their projects successfully and efficiently. The methodology is centered around:

- Planning and controlling projects.

- Documenting the project management approach.

- Aligning with the organization's objectives and needs.

- Developing the communication and learning plan.

- Integrating the feedback with the process to continuously improve the project's process.

- Leveraging the best allocated resources, highlighting their risks and optimizing their cost.