What's Transformation Success?

Implementing a new business application inside your organization can be a risky and expensive proposition. With new products entering the market and established platforms undergoing revolutionary changes, identifying the right solution is a high-stakes undertaking with little room for error. Add to that the necessary change management to ensure you are getting full value from your investment and a complex implementation process that impacts the entire community that many companies struggle to prove it a success.

With a long experience in the field and awareness of the market needs, Reyada's consultants have identified three main pillars in the Digital Transformation process which increase the success rate for its clients.

Technology Selection

Reyada starts the transformation success process by leading the technology selection criteria by identify a solution that meets the client's strategic objectives, clarifying the true financial implications, setting realistic expectations in terms of deliverables and outcomes.
Reyada's consultants offer their clients a 360˚ view of the system landscape from the industry, technology, and constituent perspectives, broadening their understanding of how each system aligns with the company's objectives and enabling them to make an informed decision aligned with Reyada's digital transformation.

Deployment Project Management

To ensure the selected system is not only deployed properly, but also transforms the way employees are served, it’s essential to have a qualified team guiding the client through the implementation.
Creating a project roadmap with realistic deadlines and ensure a successfully deployed system within the timeframe outlined is Reyada's role when it comes to the implementation project management.
This is how we guarantee a proper deployment by the implementer and a smooth transformation for the client.

Change Management

In order to ensure the final step of a successful transformation, Reyada's consultants focus on the number one factor that will determine the project’s success or failure; PEOPLE. Changes in the organizational model, workflows might be needed to adopt a new business application and support it. Roles to be redefined, new skillsets needed, training to help in developing missing skills.
By developing those areas; a solid foundation will be created that will not only position companies for success, but also ease fears that naturally arise during these types of transformations.
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Guarantee a Smooth Transformation for your Company!

Contact Reyada's consultants who will act like an extension of your team – working collaboratively with your staff to provide the missing expertise, build trust, share knowledge, offer support and help ensure your company is capable of standing alone when the project is complete.