Reyada is the Gold Bitrix24 Partner in Egypt

As an authorized partner, Reyada is reselling all Bitrix24 Cloud subscription and On Premise plans to its clients in Egypt, Middle East and Africa, and provides the proper implementation and customization for each client.

Bitrix24 Consultation 

Since Reyada is a consulting firm at heart, its Bitrix24 services go under the umbrella of consultation. Our CRM consultants cooperate with our business consultants to provide each client with their market best practices deployed on the system and delivering high results.

Get Coached and Go Live!

Believing in our motto; "Coaching to Deliver Results", our consultants deliver the services related to Bitrix24 in the form of coaching sessions to the client's teams. We guarantee that every one in the organization is equally qualified to keep on adapting the best practices and coping with the digital transformation age. In few weeks, we kick-start our clients to go live with Bitrix24 steadily.  

Reyada is an Authorized Bitrix24 Training Provider

Reyada is a Bitrix24 authorized training provider that offers comprehensive training and consultation services to businesses looking to leverage the Bitrix24 platform. With a team of certified trainers, Reyada provides hands-on training and support to help businesses maximize their use of Bitrix24 powerful tools and features. Reyada's training programs cover a wide range of topics, from basic platform navigation to advanced workflow customization and automation.

Reyada's Application on Bitrix24 Marketplace



RESALA integration allows automating your business by connecting SMS with automation rules, workflows, CRM details and CRM Marketing.

Reyada's Integration Solution


E-invoicing solution

Our customized solution for Egyptian local companies is designed to simplify the process of invoicing and submitting invoices to the government portal in few clicks with correct and up-to-date invoice every time.

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